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We’ve made a lot of posts about different brewers. But this one is one of the most popular brewers you’d find in the market. We love talking about this coffee machine because it always produces excellent coffee.

Did you just purchase a Breville oracle touch machine and you have no idea how to brew coffee with it or you’ve been using the machine, and you are looking for better ways to brew coffee with the machine? Then we should read on because we’ll be telling you all you need to know about this excellent brewer. 


You may have been using the regular espresso machine that makes you involved in the brewing process and it has seemed so good, but the oracle touch is an automatic brewer that requires you very little effort to get the coffee brewed. Other espresso machines usually stop after brewing espresso shots, but this excellent coffee machine automatically gives you any coffee you want with just a touch of your finger. 

Most of the espresso drinks you love to drink have almost the same kind of recipes. They are made of espresso, a ration of steamed or frothed milk, and some sweeteners. So you’ll use this machine to create them. We are here to walk you through the process of brewing with the machine.


Fill The Hopper With Coffee

The machine comes with a big hopper that can fit half a bag of beans. This means that you won't be worried about how much coffee it can brew. It is better to use whole coffee beans and grind them yourself. You can order coffee beans here.

Grind The Coffee Beans

Espresso is made when hot water is forced through coffee grinds (the grind has to be fine). However, you can adjust the grind size from time to time depending on your preference. You can do this easily by adjusting the knob on the brewer. 

Make sure the coffee is not ground too fine, else it will restrict the flow of water and this could result in over-extracted coffee that is bitter and unpleasant. If the grounds are too coarse, oh dear, it will result in under-extracted coffee that is watery and sour. 

The first step to making coffee with the Oracle Touch is to put the portafilter inside the ground mount and grind. The machine will automatically grind the beans and pour the perfect dose you want into the portafilter. 

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Tamp The Coffee

Before the espresso starts brewing, the grounds need to be tamped properly using a piston. This step is not as easy as it sounds because you have to apply so much pressure to get it right  Crappy tamping will only crappy coffee, so you see why we said you need to get it right? If you were using any other espresso machine, you would have been worried about tamping properly.

The Oracle touch is one automatic espresso machine that does most of the work for you. It will not only give you a perfectly tamped puck of espresso grounds, but it will also not allow you to get in contact with messy untamped espresso grounds.

Pull The Espresso

The portafilter does a lot of things. It houses all the loose grounds that come out when the machine is grinding and even brewing the espresso. After all these, the portafilter pops out to be cleaned. So the other parts of the machine will be left clean for the next round of brewing. 

This brewer won't require the portafilter to move from grinder to the brewing group head. It won't be difficult to start. Just position the Oracle Touch properly, and it will brew one shot, two shots, or a custom espresso if you need more caffeine.

If you want to make a cappuccino or latte, you won't need to worry if you already own the oracle touch. The oracle touch will steam, froth the milk so well that you can use it to draw flowers or hearts in your morning drinks. 

The Oracle Touch also has two boilers, so it can brew your espresso and froth the milk simultaneously. We know you may not see it as a big deal at the moment, but it will cut down the time you spend making your coffee. 


The machine also comes with an automatic milk texturer that allows you to make microfoams. In this situation, you’d have full control as you create the microfoam. As you start using the manual milk texturing option, the automatic milk texturing option will go off. 

For this feature to work properly, it is best to use cold milk. Pour whole milk or any milk you want to use into a container. The milk can also be in a jug, then put below the machine’s spout. To steam, the milk, put the tip of the steam wand by 1 or 2 cm inside the milk. It should be positioned near the right-hand side of the jar you are using. After that, raise the steam lever and introduce the steam into the milk.

Note that the Breville oracle touch is made of stainless steel but has some BPA-free plastic components, so it can last for a while. Although it has various mechanisms that make it incomparable with other brewers, it may not be sturdy enough to carry out most of these operations at once and for a long time.

For example, heavy espresso-making for lots of coffee drinkers. Most users say it is not recommended for public use where you’d have to make some coffee drinks every day for a lot of people. But it is a perfect machine for home brewing, especially if you are the type of person that aspires to make specialty coffee or third-wave coffee.


For Espresso: All you have to do is select ‘espresso’, grind the beans, and place the portafilter at the brewing section, then press ‘brew’. You can either choose to brew a single shot, double, or as many as you like. You can also enjoy the espresso with sugar or a few spoons of steamed milk.

Americano: This drink is made when espresso is mixed with a certain amount of hot water. One interesting thing about the Oracle Touch is that it comes with a hot water spout that you can mix directly into your espresso. Another variation is to try the Australian ‘Long Black’. All you have to do is to add espresso to hot water, the exact opposite of how the Americano is made.

Latte: A latte is a mixture of espresso with steamed and frothed milk. The machine not only handles your espresso but also the ratio of steamed and frothed milk, resulting in a perfect latte. There is a variation of a latte that is so delicious, that is the Café Mocha. It is a type of latte that is mixed with either black or white chocolate syrup. 

Flat White: The flat white is made with a shot of espresso and two or three shots of steamed milk. You can use whipped cream instead of the usual steamed milk to create a different blend.

Cappuccino: This drink is almost the same as the latte, but it contains more foam with little steamed milk. You can spice up the drink by adding cinnamon, vanilla, or chocolate.


With a machine like this, it would not be proper for us to use any type of glass, a hand me down ethereally old glass, so you can get any of these glasses.

LATTE GLASS: These drinks usually come up so pretty so it is best a latte cup when drinking it. It may be not as insulated as the regular coffee cup but it is very fancy.

SHOT GLASS: It is almost the same thing as the latte glass, but it is smaller, and it is normally used to make espressos or macchiato.

We know that there are different brewers to choose from, but the automatic oracle touch is one of a kind. So we advise that you get this brewer if you want the coffee-making process to be very easy for you.

Now that we’ve told you all about the brewer, you’d be needing freshly roasted coffee beans from Coffee Hero, it will produce delicious coffee with this brewer.  

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