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Our Story

What if we told you that you have been consuming stale coffee all along? Every coffee bean in your cuppa travels a long journey. It begins as a fruit, which is harvested then dried naturally for a few months. Once dried, the beans are bagged and sent to the roast house, where a roaster carefully profiles the bean allowing the best flavours to be achieved. Once roasted it is packed and delivered to the wholesaler, who then sells it to the retailer where it is sold either as roasted beans, grinded powder, coffee pods or made into a cup of coffee. By the time coffee beans are ready to enter the drink stage they’re no longer fresh and the real taste of coffee is lost and can no longer be experienced. We know that the only way for people to experience what real coffee tastes like is to deliver the bean immediately after roasting. We built a state-of-the-art roast house partnering with the industries best farmers, master roasters, baristas and coffee connoisseurs. They are the real "Coffee Hero’s” who will help you experience the real taste of coffee as it was intended to be.

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We can tailor a package to suit your requirements, including a custom roast profile personalised to your likings. We also can provide you a coffee machine that will give you the best out of your freshly roasted beans.

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