Drinking chocolate, Chai & Marshmallows

Original Drinking Chocolate
The Original Drinking Chocolate (African Red) is one of the most pure and sumptuous chocolate experiences...
FROM $11.90
Seven Spice Sri Lankan Chai
Our Seven Spice Sri Lankan Chai is a unique product of seven freshly ground spices, sourced...
FROM $12.90
Exquisite Marshmallows
GLUTEN FREE | SOFT & FLUFFY | DELICIOUS   The divine joy of tasting the sweet,...
FROM $7.90
Noir Drinking Chocolate
Our Noir Drinking Chocolate is for people who desire an intense cocoa experience. It is smooth,...
FROM $11.90
Real White Drinking Chocolate
An Australian first, a Real White Drinking Chocolate that is a fine powdered white chocolate bar....
FROM $12.90
Tanzania Drinking Chocolate
GLUTEN FREE | VEGAN | DELICIOUS Our Tanzania Single Origin Series is for people who desire an intense...
FROM $12.95
French Mint Drinking Chocolate
The French Mint Drinking Chocolate is a delightful classic chocolate-mint pairing. We subtly blend our fine...
FROM $11.90
Vanilla Bean Drinking Chocolate
Our Vanilla Bean Drinking Chocolate is unique. We place an ethically grown, moist, plump and incredibly...
FROM $11.90
Organic Panela
The ultimate 100% Organic Panela sugar. High grown, delicious dried sugar cane juice. This sugar retains...
FROM $8.90

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