Stand out from the crowd and sell freshly roasted specialty coffee beans that will keep your customers coming back forever.

Coffee Hero will roast you the highest quality specialty coffee beans that are grown only in high altitude farms. We will provide you a roast unique to your coffee cart, café or restaurant. We are by far the most affordable Roastery and one of the very few that Roast on state of the art roasteries.

Fresh out of the roaster, vacuum bagged and shipped the same day

We roast daily to ensure that you receive your beans as fresh as can be allowing your customers to drink the best coffee possible.

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service

Nothing worse than trying to get in contact with someone and they never answer the phone or get back to you. We respond to all enquiries usually no later than 1 hour. We are also available from 9:00 am – 10:00 pm 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Getting the right ratio, grind settings and extraction time is critical to having the best coffee possible

Grind settings and extraction time of the coffee is critical to getting the best out of your freshly roasted beans. We can help you set your machines so that you are getting the perfect coffee each and every time.

No lock-in Contracts

Just give us at least one week’s notice if you would like to make any changes to your account, including cancelling, changing bean type, increasing or decreasing order size.

We can provide you with industry standard coffee machines with very flexible and affordable options

We can provide you an all in one solution that will give you everything you need to keep making the best coffee including high end commercial coffee machines, grinders, beans, cups and of course fresh Barista Milk (not long-life milk).

Get in touch

Get in touch either by calling our sales team on 0401762372 or filling the contact form below