Brewing coffee with a MoccaMaster

Today, we are launching our MoccaMaster Classic coffee brewing guide. It's a step-by-step guide to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, from the bean to the cup. It's a visual catalog of what is going on in your coffee brewer, allowing you to peek behind the curtain, and make informed decisions about how you brew your coffee.

The MoccaMaster brewer is a simple coffee brewer for simple coffee lovers. The MoccaMaster is perfect for people who like to brew homemade coffee. The MoccaMaster is designed to make delicious coffee using the immersion brewing method. It also use a conical burr grinder to make espresso-style coffee. It is a coffee brewing machine that makes several types of coffee from its single hot water dispenser.

There is no big difference between a MoccaMaster and a normal coffee maker in terms of serving the same coffee. It is good enough for a good shot of coffee in your office or home. The best thing about this coffee brewing machine is that it uses specialized paper to filter the coffee oils. This is very good for the health of the person using it. 


The MoccaMaster is a coffee brewing machine that makes several types of coffee from its single hot water dispenser. As we previously mentioned, there is no big difference between a MoccaMaster and a normal coffee maker in terms of serving the same coffee. 

Note that the MoccaMaster brewer uses a unique brewing method that makes the machine very special. How does it work? It is simple, you just need to halve the water and the coffee grounds. Following this ratio will allow you to brew a rich cup of coffee without worrying about using too much ground coffee.

The water will be passed through the machine over the ground coffee. The result will be a rich-tasting, aromatic cup of coffee in minutes! It is possible to use any type of coffee in the MoccaMaster, including decaffeinated blends.


The MoccaMaster has the capacity of making 60g of coffee into 4 cups of coffee. It features an electric timer that allows you to customize extraction time according to your preference, be it light, medium, or dark-roasted beans.

The MoccaMaster hot water thermostat is designed with a 1300 watts heater to bring the temperature right up to 200 degrees Celsius with a maximum capacity of 15 liters. The MoccaMaster is the only affordable home brewing machine that gives you the benefits of barista-grade extraction methods with easy operation and maintenance.


When you go searching for a MoccaMaster, you’ll notice that there are different models. You’ll see some that make up to 10 cups of coffee, while some just make one cup of coffee.  The best way to find a MoccaMaster that is best for you is to decide how many cups of coffee that is likely brewed in a day.

Do you have a family of 8 or 4, the 8 cups model is better, do you live alone? The single-serve model is a better option. However, for this guide, we’d be making use of 10 cups MoccaMaster.

Using a MoccaMaster Classic to brew a cup of coffee is a fun and easy way to make a great-tasting cup of coffee.

Here’s how it works

The MoccaMaster Classic is a hand-operated pot shaped like a canister, with a stainless steel mixing chamber and handles attached to its top, and an external glass chamber shaped like a jar. By now, the brewer should be in front of you, but it's not the only thing you’d be needing,- this is our checklist of the remaining things you need.


Use freshly roasted coffee beans. It is better to grind whole beans yourself, so you're sure of using the freshest coffee ever. We suggest using single-origin coffee, the MoccaMaster will bring out all the bright flavors of any coffee. But if you want to try a blend. It is still perfect. Use light or medium roasted coffee beans to brew. This way you’d be sure that the delicate flavorful notes will not be burnt away during the dark roasting process. 

Single origin coffee


You’d be using a MoccaMaster obviously. You don't have to freak out about the kind of model you have. This guide can work for any model. 

Use a burr grinder: This grinder will give you uniform grinds, which are needed to brew excellent coffee.

Filters: The normal brewer comes with two paper filters- the first one is for the 1 cup model and the other filter is for larger models. You can use reusable cloth filters as an alternative.

Use filtered water: It is advisable to use filtered water because regular tap water has hard minerals like magnesium that can build up over time and clog any brewer at all. Filtered water doesn't have taste, it is free from unwanted minerals, so your coffee will come out cleaner.

A carafe: Don't worry, it's nothing so serious, it is just another name for the pot that stays under the brewer. The Moccamaster has a glass carafe, it retains more heat. A digital scale is required for weighing coffee, the regular kitchen scale won't work


The official formula for the Moccamaster is 55grams of ground to about 100ml of water (1 liter). This means the ratio we will have is 1:18. To get the accurate measurements for brewing, you’d have to divide the volume of the coffee you want to use by 18. That's the exact weight of grounds you’ll be needing in grams. It is simple math.

We'll break it down. If you want to brew 1250ml of coffee for friends or family. All you need to do is divide 1250 by 18. The answer is 69. That means you’ll be needing 69grams of coffee grounds for this brew. Now that you’ve gotten all these. 

Let's start brewing.


Step One: Fill The Brewer With Water

Pour cold filtered water into the water tank up to the level that is good for brewing. On the brewer, you’d see markings on the left side, it is measured in liters while the right side is measured in cups. We advise that you use liters because cup measurement is too generic. As previously mentioned, we’ll be using 1 liter of water.

Step Two: Fold The Filter Properly

Collect a piece of filter paper, you’d see that the edges have rough small lines. Fold the edges into two. If you don't fold the edges, it won't fit. Then, place the filter into the mocca’s filter basket. After that, remove the basket and the filter, then rinse it with warm water. Pre-wetting the filter will remove any undesirable taste that may not come out right in your coffee.

Step Three: Measure And Grind The Coffee

Since we are using one liter of water, we’ll be needing 55 grams of coffee. After measuring the coffee, grind to a medium or slightly finer grind. After grinding the grounds, add it to the filter paper. Ensure that all the grinds enter the filter.

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Step Four: Distribute The Grounds

This is a very important step. When you have put the grounds into the filter, you have to make sure the coffee is laid properly on the coffee bed. What this means is that the coffee grounds should be leveled.  If there is a pile on one side of the filter, give it a tap. This will knock the grounds and distribute them properly 

Step Five: Set Up The Brewer

Put the basket back into the brewer. Now it is time for you to switch the basket to a close setting. At this point, the valve will shut down, so water will stop flowing. If you didn't understand this step or you MoccaMaster doesn't have the basket, there is no point worrying. Just skip this part and put the carafe directly under the brew basket.

Step Six: Switch On The Machine

Put on the brewing switch. A red light will come on to show that it is working. Hot water will start coming out of the shower head directly into the basket.

Step Seven: When the brew basket is half full, it is time to stir the mixture gently. The goal here is to make sure all the grounds are fully saturated. As you stir it, the coffee will bloom. Coffee bloom happens when unwanted gasses are released from fresh grounds- it will improve the final taste of the coffee.

Step Eight: The coffee should be allowed to bloom for about 30 seconds. Then open the valve, and switch it to be fully open. Skip this step if your machine doesn't have a switch on the brew basket. Now, close the lid. As the valve is still opened, hot water will continue dripping into your carafe. It will take about 4-5 minutes for the brewing to stop. At this point, the red light will go off.

Step Nine: Pour The Coffee

Put off the power switch and your pot of freshly brewed coffee will be ready. All you have to do now is pour the coffee into a mug and enjoy.

This is the end of our comprehensive guide. We hope that you gained so much knowledge about this wonderful brewer. You now deserve a hot cup of coffee made with a MoccaMaster. We hope you used freshly roasted beans from Coffee Hero. We sell coffee beans with different tasting notes like chocolatey, nutty, and fruity that are fit for any brewer. Start brewing!

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