How to Keep Your Coffee Hot: Simple Hacks

How to Keep Your Coffee Hot: Simple Hacks

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Any coffee lover would want to start their day with a hot cup of coffee. Sometimes you could be lucky to get a fresh cup of coffee the first time, but what happens when you want a second cup or a third cup and you can't start brewing immediately

Does it mean you won't have any coffee? Well, that shouldn't be the case. If you can't brew a fresh cup of coffee twice or thrice in a day. Then we got you covered. These tips and tricks will help to keep your coffee hot for some time. 

Use Cup Covers or Cup Sleeves

We've been amazed by the creativity of people who've realized that it's not necessary to pay for a professional coffee mug cover. You can make one yourself or buy one. You can also buy cup sleeves, it will help keep the coffee warm while you work.

This sleeve or coffee cover is like an insulator, so that the heat from the cup won't burn your skin. These sleeves can be made of cloth or paper. Some coffee shops serve the coffee with sleeves but since you are making your coffee at home or in the office, you’d have to get the sleeves from a store.

Preheat The Mug Before Brewing

Preheating your mug before brewing can keep the coffee hot for a longer time. If you pour the hot coffee into a cold cup, a certain amount of the coffee heat will be lost while transferring. So before pouring the coffee into the mug, boil extra water and fill the mug. Allow the mug to receive the heat for a few minutes, pour the water away and pour your coffee inside. 

Brew Directly Into The Cup You Are Drinking From

This is similar to what we mentioned above, try all you can not brew your coffee inside a different vessel before pouring it into your mug. This is because pouring hot liquid from one vessel to another will make the coffee get cold easily. If you have to brew into a carafe first before pouring it into a cup, then make sure you preheat the brewing vessel and your mug. 

Thermal Carafe or a Vacuum Insulated Cup

Another way to keep your coffee hot for a longer period is to use a travel mug. Using normal plastic mugs for traveling won't keep the coffee hot. Did you know that the vacuum insulated cup can keep your coffee so hot that you need to be careful when you want to take a sip from the cup?

If the coffee wasn't so hot after brewing, by the time you arrive at work, you’d be surprised that the coffee is still the same temperature it was when first brewed. 

Insulate The Coffee Yourself

If you are short of something to insulate your coffee, you use DIY insulation with whatever you have at home or in the office. You can keep the coffee warm by using a scarf or sweatshirt to wrap it, anything fuzzy works. This trick works when you need to receive a call just after brewing your coffee. 

Buy An Electric Car Warmer

This is a tip for commuters. If you don't want your coffee to get cold, you should get an electric car warmer. This way, your coffee will stay piping hot. These warmers can be plugged into your US port into a console. The coffee will stay hot for as long as you are driving. 

There are 2 methods to go around it, one stays in the cup holder and will keep the normal travel mug hot, then the second one is the mug itself. Anyone you choose to go with, will still keep your coffee hot. The only downside to the car warmers is that it requires your car to be on. So if you were to make a stop in a gas station, then the warmer will shut off as well. The coffee will begin to cool down till the vehicle is turned on again.

Buy A Tea cozy For Your Cup

This is similar to the cup sleeves. They are mostly used for teacups. These cozies can fit properly around your mug. It will ensure the coffee remains while you enjoy it.  This trick is for those that are aesthetically inclined. These cozies are perfect gift items for coffee lovers. 

Tea cozies are usually crocheted or knitted, and they can be bought in different designs. So you can buy cozies in your favorite colors. Cozies are better used at home or in the office. This is because they are designed to only fit the traditional coffee mugs rather than coffee mugs.

Put the second pot of coffee on the stove to stay piping hot (and fresh!)

You can brew another cup of coffee while drinking the first one, or you can heat milk and pour it into the warm coffee. It will make it hotter, especially if you like to make milk-based drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, macchiato, etc. 

Buy Cups With Lids

Normally, travel cups are supposed to come with lids, but most home mugs do not have lids, But not to worry, you can use the lid for your travel mug to coffee your favorite mug. Both cups would probably be of the same size.  The lid will keep heat from coming out of the cup.

Just make sure that the lid fits your favorite mug properly, so the coffee doesn't spill. If the lid does not cover the mug properly, you should use the other options listed above. If the lid falls up, you'd end up burning yourself, if you are in the office, oh dear, your boss will not appreciate you walking into a meeting with a coffee-stained shirt/

Use Metal Coffee Beans

We guess that sounded so strange to your ears, and you are wondering what metallic coffee beans are and if it won't leave your coffee with a metallic taste. Metal coffee beans are steel wheels that are made to keep your morning brew at the normal temperature. When they have absorbed as much heat as they can, they will start releasing it to keep the drink hot for as long as possible. The length of time the coffee will stay hot depends on the size of your cup or how insulated it is.

Use A Brewing Vessel With An Appropriate Size

Brewing small coffee inside larger vessels will make it cool down faster because there is much air in the vessel. The size of the brewing vessel may not look so important, but it is in this case. If you love to drink more coffee, use a larger vessel but if you want to brew just a few cups, use a smaller vessel.


Using a hot plate: A hot plate is like a portable heater. It is perfect for heating food, but it is not a perfect option for reheating coffee. If you try to preheat coffee with a hot plate, it means it will have direct contact with heat, it could burn and turn out bitter, or it will take the coffee from warm to extremely hot.  It can be so hot that it could sd your cheeks and tongue.

You may be thinking that the coffee is supposed to be taken very hot, but that is not true. The coffee is meant to be sipped and enjoyed, pouring it into a cup directly from the heater could burn your taste, not to mention, the coffee will over-extract and have a burnt taste. 

Using The Microwave: As we previously mentioned, reheating coffee isn't the best option. Using a microwave is not recommended. When you are in a hurry, you may feel like you should just put the coffee into a microwave and press the heat button. Let's tell you why you shouldn't pick this option. The microwave uses radiation to heat food. So it may not heat the coffee evenly. Just take your mind back to when you use the microwave to cook things, the top may be hot, but inside the food can be cold, so that's the same thing that will happen to your coffee.  It may heat up well at the top, but the remaining part may just be cold. In addition, microwaving coffee leaves it with a bitter and burnt aftertaste. 


That's all you need to know about keeping your coffee hot. You don't need to do too much to keep your coffee hot. Just putting in a little effort can help you enjoy your morning brew.

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