How to Make the Perfect Irish Coffee: The Story Behind This Wonderful Drink

How to Make the Perfect Irish Coffee: The Story Behind This Wonderful Drink

Irish coffee

If there is another type of coffee asides the Turkish coffee that is so strong, then this is it. The good thing is that if you love strong coffee, you won't have to go all the way to Ireland to have a taste of this wonderful drink.

The original Irish coffee packs a lot of savory flavors and it has a strong tradition. We are going to tell you all about Irish coffee, the variations, and how to make it.

What is Irish Coffee?

The drink originates from Ireland. Its original name was Baileys and whiskey. But then other flavors and tastes were introduced, and hot chocolate was added to it. What are the Ingredients?  First, you need coffee. In Irish coffee, coffee is the most important ingredient. In addition, you should add some Irish whiskey, which is the main component of the drink. The previous ingredient is stirred continuously with a bar spoon until the coffee has cooled down, and the alcohol has been evaporated.

Then the mixture is strained and served. Irish coffee is a specialty drink. It has a simple list of ingredients and is easy to make. 

The History of Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a concoction that was once an infamous crime for the prohibition officers. Until they invented it, the law prohibited people from using spirits in coffee in their coffees. According to the law, if you add alcohol to any kind of coffee, it was illegal and people are served jail time.

Even though prohibition ended, many people didn't accept this law, and they tried to make it anyway. After a very long time, the black coffee we know today was created. All of this stemmed from Irish barman Patrick McGilligan, who used to work in a pub in New York. He made a strong black coffee that contained chocolate and Irish whiskey. People loved it, and it got so popular that he made it again and again.

He also started taking some milk and sugar and adding it to the coffee. After people started seeing Irish coffee as a regular coffee, the popularity began to grow. Immediately after World War II, the drink made its way to the US in the early 1950s. Irish coffee was introduced to the United States by a travel writer named Stanton Delaplane. He attempted to recreate the drink. 

After this, several variations of Irish coffee have been made all over the world. In this blog post, we’d be focusing on traditional Irish coffee.

Variations on the Classic Recipe

After some years, variations of the classi recipe was published in The Irish Times on April 24, 2013, readers started to comment on how different the recipe is, ranging from the level of whiskey in the mixture to the whipped cream and the alcohol content of the drink. Some differences are blatant.

Another critic claimed that the reason the Irish coffee tastes so much sweeter than the old one is that she only had 1/3 cup of cream and whiskey. Some drinkers think that adding more whiskey to the drink adds body and provides flavor. The third recipe on Reddit has a higher percentage of whiskey. It claims that adding 4 ounces of whiskey to one cup of cream increases the sugar content by 5%.

We are going to break it down into different categories. These are some of the most popular Irish coffee variations (twist)


The classic Irish coffee is made with plain black coffee, white sugar, whiskey, and homemade whipped cream. The drink is sweet, thick, creamy with robust coffee flavors. As we mentioned, we’d be giving you instructions on how to make the traditional Irish coffee, you can tweak the recipe later by doing the following.


If you don't want to use white sugars or brown sugars, there are lots of ways to sweeten your coffee. The sweeteners you’d find in the market include chocolate syrup, maple syrup, and honey. Try them and tell us what you think.


If you don't want to have the coffee hot, you can try it cold. You can make iced Irish coffee by making cold brew concentrate, add whiskey, and pour some ice into it. Finally, top it with whipped cream.


Want to try something different, adding the whipped cream, do some garnishing. Some varieties of spices to go with are chocolate nibs, cinnamon, ice cream, ginger, and even nutmeg.


There are different ways to drink coffee, so get real sassy and use bailey's Irish cream instead of whiskey and milk. Start by brewing the coffee, add the baileys and then add whipped cream. You can still try this with cold coffee.


This is another delicious way of brewing Irish coffee. To start, add whiskey to water and allow it to boil for some time, then pour it into the coffee grounds you want to brew. This will make the whiskey flavor infuse properly into the brewed coffee. Once the brew is ready, you can drink it plain or add some whipped cream to it.


If you don't want to any cream to your coffee, it's not compulsory. Just know that mixing only whiskey and coffee is not considered Irish coffee. But who says you can't enjoy it without whipped cream if it suits your taste buds.

How to Make the Perfect Irish Coffee

What You’ll Need

  • Irish mug 4 oz of brewed coffee (it has to be brewed with freshly roasted coffee beans)
  • 2 or 3 cubes of sugar
  • 1 oz of Irish whiskey
  • Whipped cream



Boil water and pour some of it into your glass, allowing it to sit for about 20 seconds. After the glass is warm, pour the water out.


Add the sugar to your mug. You can also use brown sugar for this recipe, but it's better to use cubes because it is very easy to measure. Then add the freshly brewed coffee till the cup is almost full. Use a spoon to stir the sugar until it has dissolved. We recommend using a French press or Moka Pot to brew this coffee because it will produce coffee that is full-bodied with robust flavors. Medium roasted coffee is perfect for this.


It's time to add your favorite whiskey into the coffee. It is better to use real Irish whiskey, not just any brown whiskey you find in the cupboard. Once you’ve added the whiskey, you can now add the whipped cream. You can make some at home you know, let's show you...


There are two ways to make whipped cream for Irish coffee. One of them is to have it ready before you start mixing the drink. You can either whip up the cream using an electric mixer or you can use a hand mixer. For this way of making Irish coffee, you will need 8 ounces (240 mL) of heavy cream. You can make the same recipe using low-fat cream or fat-free cream. And then you need 1/4 cup (50 mL) of whole milk.

Another way to make whipped cream is to make it up to a day in advance and store it in the refrigerator. It is perfect to use for baking desserts or quick snacks. Make it up to a day in advance and store it in the refrigerator. It is perfect to use for baking desserts or quick snacks.


When it comes to coffee, many folks prefer higher quality stuff. It's all about choosing your coffee beans and spending some extra bucks on making the perfect drink. Irish coffee has always been seen as a classic drink. You’ll not only be enjoying a sweet cup of coffee, but you'll also be enjoying a drink that has been cherished by many people for a long time. 

Whether you want to drink it traditionally or you want to tweak the recipe, there is no one way to enjoy coffee. So order freshly roasted coffee beans from Coffee Hero,  that can be brewed in any coffee machine. It also produces coffee with chocolatey, nutty, and fruity flavors. Imagine all these flavors mixed with whiskey and whipped cream. yummy….

Fresh coffee beans for Irish coffee

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