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Coffee is known as the second most-consumed drink in the world today after water of course. Coffee has always been an essential part of our morning routine. If you were to ask an employee why this drink is so important to them, they will say that they love it because it gives them the energy and alertness boost they need to go about their daily activities.  

In this post, we will explain what coffee has to do with our products and different coffee styles to try in the office.


Employees enjoy drinking a hot cup of coffee every morning for some reason. Some staff even look forward to this time of the day so they can reflect, they also see it as an opportunity to get an energy boost. Some employees believe that having a coffee machine in the office not only makes them more productive but gives work satisfaction and happiness too.  

First, let's tell you why employees like drinking coffee in the office and why they think of different coffee styles that can increase their productivity at work. 


This is an obvious benefit because of the caffeine content. Drinking coffee will help your mind focus and improve your overall attention, reasoning, and reaction to things around you. It will help to improve your memory and concentration level. It can keep you motivated to do your work. 


Coffee in the workplace doesn't just improve staff productivity, it also helps to facilitate teamwork in the office. Employees will be able to have conversations over a cup of delicious coffee. Having a delicious cup with a colleague will be a great way to exchange opinions, have constructive conversations, and share ideas.



Employees prefer a great cup of coffee over a Christmas party. Free coffee is a cost-effective perk that makes an employee feel appreciated and valued. 

We will explain the above facts properly, why coffee is important. Every morning, neurons in the brains are always firing away. As they work together, they can produce adenosine. There are different adenosine receptors in the brain, one of them that caffeine has an affinity with- it is known as the A1 receptor. 

When you consume caffeine, it goes to the A1 receptor and tries to impersonate it. Since caffeine is somewhat like adenosine, the body just accepts it as its own and automatically binds them with the other receptors. The next thing is that they will become plugged into the brain and it won't release dopamine or glutamate

As you can see, the coffee you drank has taken over that job. This is good because caffeine will keep the brain from getting to a halt when you are tired. It stops producing its stimulant. 

Let's get to the different coffee drinks to make in the office 


The taste of your coffee is impacted by the brewing method. For most people, getting enough caffeine is the ultimate goal. While others might be seeking to get a particular flavor or trying to get both. 

Note that all employees' preferences won't be the same. To get the perfect office coffee, you need to know the various options available and experiment. There are different types of coffee drinks but we picked some of them that can easily be made in the workplace.  


Taking an espresso is one of the fastest ways to boost your morale and productivity. It gives you a boost that can last for hours. Note that this espresso drink is also known as the short black and it is the base for other drinks. 

If you want to have a pure coffee experience, then you should take an espresso. It is not for everyone. But if you learn how to pull a shot, you’ll be having a great brew while relaxing in your office chair. You just have to measure your coffee, grind it, put it into the portafilter and tamp properly, then fix the portafilter back into the machine and pull the shot. Voila. 


An Americano is a single, double or single shot of espresso mixed with hot water. You can say it is a diluted version of the espresso drink. And it can be a productivity booster for employees. You don't need to do much here, pull the shot of espresso and add the hot water. Just ensure that the espresso is poured into the coffee, not the other way around so the coffee won't get burnt. 

It is a popular drink all over the world. Legends say that this coffee drink came into existence when American soldiers during the Second World War diluted their espresso with water so it could last longer. The name was adopted by Baristas in America after the war. 


This is a popular option for those who don't take regular coffee. Lattes are made with frothed milk which helps to reduce the bitter taste of the coffee. Lattes usually contain a shot of espresso but you can make it two shots if you like. It depends on you and your colleagues. The milk is usually poured over it, creating a frothy beverage that everyone will enjoy. Read the full guide here


This is another great option when it comes to coffee. The cappuccino is made to have different layers so it gives you another taste entirely and texture. The first layer of this beverage has espresso, which gives you a nice caffeine kick, followed by the layer with steamed milk that takes away some of the bitter taste, the last layer contains foamy milk that makes the drink look great. 

Some people like to give the cappuccino a finishing touch with cinnamon powder or chocolate powder which gives you a slight sugar hit which is perfect for early mornings.  


The most popular coffee drinks available in Australia are the long black and the flat white because they originated from New Zealand and Australia. For the flat white, you just have to pour steamed milk that's at the bottom of a jug into the shot of espresso. The milk is creamy rather than frothy. This beverage is a good option for those that are trying to stay awake at work.  


This is another option for first-time coffee drinkers. Mocha is an espresso-based drink that is mixed with chocolate powder or syrup. You could also top it up with whipped cream. 

We must say that it is a good entry-level for coffee. It all depends on how much you like sweet things. The choice between taking a latte and mocha is all up to you.  


A macchiato is also known as a Piccolo latte. It is a shot or two of espresso that is topped off with microfoam. It is dished directly into the mug. It may sound like a cappuccino but it's not. It is usually stronger as steamed milk is not added and it is smaller. This is because it is served in an espresso-sized cup. 


If your employees want coffee and ice cream together. Then why not go for an affogato. This is an Italian coffee-based drink you should try. Mix a scoop of vanilla and add it to the top of a cup of espresso. This coffee has a rich texture because of the vanilla ice cream.  


Bulletproof coffee is a drink where you combine coffee, oil, and butter. It is usually served warm. This coffee looks creamy like the latte. You can blend a black cup of coffee with 1 to  2 tablespoons of unsalted butter and 1 to 2 tablespoons of Medium-chain triglyceride. This is an oil that contains easily digestible fat. 

The reason for this mixture is to provide energy in the coffee. This leads to a balanced, non jittery boost that can last for several hours. If you want to combat mental exhaustion in the office, then you should consider this blend. 


Making delicious coffee drinks that increase productivity is important. We are not referring to instant coffee here because no one wants stale coffee. You can make all these drinks with freshly roasted coffee beans from Coffee Hero 

Keep your workplace energized with a coffee machine and fresh coffee beans and different coffee styles. We can assist you in getting coffee beans you and your colleagues will love. We deliver in Sydney, Melbourne, and all over Australia. We offer FREE SHIPPING too. We’ll ensure that you never run out of fresh coffee beans. 

Freshly roasted coffee beans in AustraliaFreshly roasted coffee beans in AustraliaFreshly roasted coffee beans in Australia

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