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There are various stores to find coffee, but they’re not all equal. The importance of using high-quality brews cannot be overemphasized. Know that you won't be able to make coffee taste better than the beans themselves allow. 

That's why it is important to maximize the inherent flavors by buying high-quality coffee beans a few days after it is roasted. High-quality coffee should always be of concern when you want to buy. Identifying great coffee can be a bit challenging if you don't know exactly what you are looking for. 

In this post, we are going to help you distinguish between high-quality coffee and low-quality coffee. Remember if you make the wrong choice, you’ll just be wasting money and coffee.


No doubt, the best coffee comes from people who actually care about coffee. You might be wondering who cares about coffee more than you, its the roaster. Most local coffee roasters like us care about it. Your first step to finding great coffee is to explore local roasters around you. Just search for local roasters around Sydney and you’ll see Coffee hero

We roast every day and you’ll get the best coffee beans ever. If you can't have access to the physical roaster, the next best thing is to order from us. 

What's more important is that you choose a roaster who clearly says they roast coffee and deliver the beans as soon as it is roasted. We offer free shipping and sell high-quality single-origin beans and coffee blends.  

Freshly roasted coffee beans in AustraliaFreshly roasted coffee beans in Australia


Now know where to buy great coffee, it's time to choose between the types of coffee. There are thousands of options when you want to buy coffee but you first ask yourself the following questions before making a decision. 


This is a fact people overlook when buying coffee but you shouldn't. Which coffee brewing method are you using? Knowing this will greatly influence which beans you'll use. You ought to know the brewing styles and learn which beans work best with them.  

Are you using a cold brew method? Light roasted, higher acidity beans work really well for this method. Read our full guide on everything you need to know about cold brew coffee. Are you brewing with a French press? Look for medium roast coffee to get a full-bodied brew. Read our full guide on how to brew French press coffee here. Are you a pour-over coffee lover? If yes, you’ll have to look for exotic single-origin beans with fine flavors that excite you. 

There is a common misconception that darker roast brews bitter coffee and has more caffeine. Roasting even burns off some caffeine. Note that one roast is not necessarily better than the other, it all depends on your preference and the brewing method you are using. 


This is the second question you need to ask yourself. What kind of flavor is looking out for? Some coffee enthusiasts like full-bodied earth and strong coffee while others may prefer wine-like floral flavors. Coffee from Central America gives you smooth, fruity, nutty flavors with bright acidity. While coffee from South America gives a slight sweetness, with hints of caramel and honey(Colombian coffee). 

Coffee from Asia gives a woody and earthy flavor while coffee from Africa gives hints of wine, berry, also gives fruity and floral flavors. For roast types, if you still want to get fruity, floral flavors from the beans, go with a light roast and don't add milk. If you want to retain the full body of the coffee, go for dark roast coffee beans (add some milk if you like). Your coffee habits and desires will affect the kind of coffee beans you choose. If you are sensitive to caffeine, try our decaf coffee right here. If you like extra caffeine, you can choose any coffee beans and change your brew method.   

Now that you’ve seen some freshly roasted coffee beans, it's time to quickly explain some coffee terms that can help you choose more confidently. Coffee bags may have words that you don't understand. We’ll decipher the common terms for you.  


Arabica beans are superior to the Robusta beans in terms of quality and even flavor. They are grown at high elevations which are perfect for growing coffee beans, it gives the coffee beans more development. Robusta beans, on the other hand, are resistant to diseases and grow faster. All the flavor compounds may not form. Farmers like to grow Robusta because it produces a higher yield and is sold at a lower price.  


Many coffee brands offer single-origin beans and blends, like us. Single-origin simply means that the coffee comes from one region, such as Ethiopia. A blend means that different beans are blended into one packet. You can try our famous award-winning coffee blends- Smooth operator, Kickstart, and Sincity. Read our full guide on coffee blends to get a full breakdown.  

Coffee blends are made to create a balance in terms of flavor, acidity, and body. Coffee with a full body can be blended with another coffee that has bright tasting notes to get a rich cup. 


Coffee naturally contains acidity and that's not a bad thing. The acidity gives the coffee its natural flavor. Note that different beans have different acidity levels and some people are sensitive to these acids (sometimes get acid reflux). Also, the acidity in coffee has more to do with taste, not PH Level. Coffee from Africa has more acidity while coffee from Brazil or Sumatra has much lower acidity. 

Too much bitterness in coffee is a result of brewing. If you allow the coffee to under extract, it will be harsh and have a bitter finish. This usually happens when your grind is fine and you brew for too long. As the particles are too small, the water will touch more of the ground and ultimately extract more of it. These are common brewing mistakes you can avoid by brewing properly.  


 As we pointed out, freshly roasted coffee is better, it brews a delicious cup. The ideal time to consume your beans after it is roasted is between 1 and 3 weeks. Reputable roasters include roast dates and expiry dates to their coffee. You can check our coffee bean bags to see when they are roasted.  

To get a fresh brew- buy only coffee you can use in a few weeks, brew within 30 minutes to 1 hour after grinding and keep the beans the whole beans in a dark, cool, dry place, a good storage container or canister works fine. Read our guide on the best way to store coffee beans. 


Specialty coffee is used to describe coffees that earned a score on the Australian Specialty Coffee Association scale. The coffee needs to have at least 80 or 100. When evaluating coffee, they consider all aspects of growth, processing, and roast method. Specialty coffee designation implies that the coffee is Arabica, and is grown under a natural growth forest canopy.  

Shade-grown coffee has a higher quality because the coffee takes a long time to mature, allowing them to develop a richer flavor. This longer maturation time endows the beans with a rich, smooth taste. The coffee also has to be grown at high elevations. 

When looking for coffee, look for words like shade-grown, high grade, and Arabica. When you see these descriptors, you’ll rest assured that the roast was made with high-quality beans. Try our freshly roasted coffee beans and you’ll come back for more. 


Fairtrade coffee is grown and produced to certified standards. These standards are upheld by producers, coffee brands, organizations, and consumers. The standards help to provide a sustainable income for the farmers as well as the workers who grow and harvest the coffee. 

These certified standards reduce the negative impact on the environment where the beans are grown. As better trading conditions are offered to the farmers, it helps to provide living better conditions for their villages and towns. In other words, it helps to improve the lives of people who spend most of their time growing, harvesting, and processing the coffee beans we all love.  

This is where the guide ends, there is no verdict on selecting beans from different regions. The best kind of beans is totally subjective. It depends on the taste, flavor notes, or brewing method you are using. Choose what works best for you. Buy our coffee beans and start brewing!

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