Australians love coffee and are proud that they have an internationally recognized coffee culture. This culture is based on different variations of Espresso and filters coffee.  How did the Australians start loving coffee so much? The love story began after WWII when some Greek and Italian immigrants came down and developed a love for espresso. The rest as you know is history. Australians now love coffee so much and don't compromise on its quality. Asides from the high standards, the coffee culture in Australia is focused more on being innovative. 

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In Australia, you will find the best coffee beans, the latest technology, and specially trained baristas that bring artistic innovations to the coffee industry. The coffee industry in Australia is good no matter the variation or type of coffee drink. 

In this post, we’ll tell you about the coffee culture of Australians. Read on and find the most popular coffee drinks in Australia.  


This drink is popularly known as café latte. Australians love for a latte is evident, it is Australia’s no 1 coffee drink. A latte is one shot of Espresso in a cup with steamed milk and lots of foam on top. The popular ratio for the Espresso and milk is usually 1:3 and then topped with 1cm of the milk froth that makes it taste so good. 

This coffee is suited for those who prefer a sweeter version of black coffee (bitter version). Because of the heavy dose of milk, the latte is one of the mildest coffee so people prefer it. Also, the latte has low caffeine content because of the milk infusion.  People who love a latte, like to add variations to the drink. 

You can add different flavors like hazelnut, vanilla, or chocolate. Wait no more, get yourself some fresh coffee beans and brew latte, the most popular coffee in Australia. 

Freshly roasted coffee beans in AustraliaFresh coffee beans in Australia



Cappuccino is one of the popular drinks in Australia. Cappuccino is a creamier version of the latte drink. For cappuccino, you put 2/3 micro-foam instead of the 1cm of micro-foam used in a latte. Cappuccino drink is mostly served in a mug topped with either chocolate or some cocoa dust. 

Some coffee purists don't like this addition, they believe that these flavors take away the original aroma of the coffee beans. But if you like the flavors, add them. You can as well make a dry cappuccino, there is more foam than milk. You can also experiment and add some chocolate spread over espresso, then add some steamed milk and a little cocoa dust on top of the coffee. 

Cappuccino contains more caffeine than a latte because it has two shots of espresso, not one. This beverage is becoming more popular in Australia because it is creamy and tasty.


This is another popular drink in Australia. The name has a form of sentiment from something Australian. The invention of this drink generated some tensions between New Zealand and Australia with some claims and counterclaims.  Now the question is why is the Flat white drink so dear to Australians. 

Flat white is a drink that was first made in Australia. It is made using steamed milk from the bottom of a mug which is then poured into a shot of espresso. This is done so that the steamed milk at the bottom of the mug will be more creamy, not frothy. 

For ratio, it is kept at 1:8 but if you want to scale the ratio up and down, you can. Another ratio to use for this drink is- Espresso to milk ratio of 1:4. Flat white is a coffee choice for hipsters and is becoming more popular in the South Eastern Territories. Among Flat white lovers, there has been a debate on whether there should be a thin micro foam on the top of the coffee or not. But it's all up to you to make a flat white coffee or tell a barista to make one that suits your taste. If you prefer a consistent feel cream in your mouth, then go with a thin film of micro-foam to top the cup of Flat white. 


Just add hot water with a short black. This is because it is a strong beverage with no added flavor. If you want to stay away from dairy products for health purposes or just preferences, you can go with this option.  It is easy to pull a shot of espresso at home but you may just be missing out on the long black coffee that is diluted with water that still gives you a high caffeine kick to start your day. Mix a shot of espresso and water and you’ll get Long black, it's that simple. 

It is a popular drink in Australia with high caffeine content. This drink became popular because American soldiers during WWII came into Australia and started the drinking style. The popular name Americano goes way back in history.  However, Australians refer to the Americano as Long. You can also go to a coffee shop that brews with freshly roasted coffee beans and advanced technical machines in coffee shops.  


A short black is made with a single shot of Espresso and water. That means that the recipe won't give chances for errors. Everything just has to be perfect if you want to get a great cup of Short black coffee. Start with freshly roasted coffee beans, then dilute it with water and you'll have the perfect cup. If you are going to a coffee shop, you should start with the short black coffee, you’ll know how the coffee tastes. 

This is because most people call short black the ‘Tester of Coffee shops’. Some baristas ensure that the short black is properly brewed. Did you know that some coffee shops go to the extent of cleaning their coffee machines each time a Single black is ordered? Do you get our point right? It has to be perfect. 

Since Australians are particular about the quality and taste of our coffee, most coffee shop owners wait for a friendly nod once the coffee has been served perfectly. If you like coffee with no flavors and you like to take your coffee straight, then you will get great coffee in Australia or you can brew some.  


Ristretto is a brilliant way of extracting espresso without much caffeine. The drink is still dark and thick. It contains a double concentrated form of espresso drink. Ristretto is prepared by stopping the machine between 15 to 20 seconds into extraction instead of the normal 30 to 40 seconds that is used for espresso shots. The extraction will still be complete but just before the espresso shot starts getting blonde. This will make the coffee still have a dark look. 

There's another way to make Ristretto- you can extract the espresso shot with the same quantity of coffee but half the amount of water, which will give the same results. Ristretto is served double since it contains half the liquid content of a shot of espresso

Magic is an Australian version of ristretto. It is prepared by pouring hot milk over a double serving of Ristretto. People claim that ristretto was invented in Melbourne but others argue that it originated from Sydney. However, the drink is unique to Australia. 


Mocha is one of the popular drinks in Australia. It is an option for people that don't like black coffee. It is made with chocolate syrup and a shot of espresso. The chocolate syrup is prepared properly and vigorously whisking chocolate powder with a small amount of hot water. Then the espresso shot will be extracted and mixed with the chocolate syrup. The next step is to add some steamed milk and microfoam. 

Finally, you can add chocolate powder, sprinkle it generously over the coffee and your Mocha is ready to be served. 


This is considered a coffee dessert, not really a drink. You’ll love making this one or ordering it if you have a sweet tooth. It contains a shot of espresso and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you want a stronger dose of caffeine, you can make an affogato with a double shot of espresso. Affogato can be served hot or cold. Besides, it's not a breakfast drink, it is mostly taken as a desert.     


This is where the list ends. Piccolo is ristretto served with frothed milk in a glass. Another way to make a piccolo is to have two ounces of steamed milk and two ounces of espresso drink. Mix it and decorate it with microfoam. Piccolo is for those who want to make espresso with little milk. 

It gives you that strong espresso taste that any coffee lover would want but it won't be too harsh because of the presence of steamed milk. 

There you have it, a list of the popular coffees in Australia. Why not start making some today at home or in your coffee shop. Remember to use freshly roasted coffee beans always. Stale beans will have a bad effect on these delicious drinks. Order from Coffee Hero today to get the best coffee beans!


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