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Nespresso pods are beneficial as most of them are eco-friendly, and are organic, besides you'd be spending less on it.  But recently, people have asked so many questions about Nespresso pods like- do the pods have fresh coffee? Are they compatible with Nespresso machines, and if they taste the same? 

If you are in this category, then this guide will answer your questions. We’d also give you some tips on how to make the Nespresso coffee taste better-

What Are Nespresso Compatible Pods?

Simply put, compatible Nespresso pods are not produced by the Nespresso brand themselves. But the pods are designed to work and brew great coffee. It is an excellent alternative to the original Nespresso pods. Different companies produce compatible coffee pods, including Coffee Hero, Starbucks, and other reliable coffee roasters. These coffee pods have different designs and construction.

You’d find some that are made with plastic or aluminum. Note that because a compatible pod is made of aluminum does make it any better than the pods made of plastic. What is important is the design of the pod and if it is compatible with the machine. Just make sure you buy the pods from a company that roasts the coffee in the pods in batches. This way you’d be sure the coffee is as fresh as possible. 


We can't speak for all the coffee brands, but every pod is designed differently. So the answer to this is very simple- Yes, the pods will be compatible with the Nespresso machine. The truth is that these pods are supposed to be thoroughly tested. Most brands make sure they run a compatibility test with the espresso machine. As long as you follow the correct instructions, these compatible pods will brew great coffee in your Nespresso machine. 

Coffee Hero says…. 

As we previously mentioned, we can't speak for other brands, but Coffee Hero’s pods are 100% compatible, you can use them with all Nespresso machines. This is because every pod that is produced by Coffee Hero is carefully designed and tested, so they work with all the machines including Prodigio and Expert. 

Let's tell you about the benefits of using coffee pods.


One of the biggest benefits is saving a few dollars. If you love Nespresso machines a lot, then it is better to use compatible pods. Let's give you an example, compare the pods used for Nespresso machines and the compatible pods from Coffee Hero. Even if you brew 2 cups a day, you’d be saving a few dollars. This is because 1 pack of our pods has 10 capsules for $13.95, now compare the price difference. If you have a bigger family, and you use up to 6 capsules in a day, the annual savings will be significant.


Another benefit of using compatible pods is that you’d be able to choose a wide range of coffee flavors. There are other flavors and styles of capsules the original Nespresso doesn't sell. For example, you’d be able to choose from fair trade coffee, organic coffee, or specialty coffee.


Buying a capsule anytime you want, is another benefit of using compatible Nespresso pods. For instance, you can buy boxes or compatible pods with different flavors. Or you can buy from an online brand that makes the pods in batches, and you can choose flavors that suit your preference.

Coffee Hero Says…

We always invest in making high-quality coffee instead of spending money on advertising, or marketing. That means we are more concerned about roasting specialty coffee, grinding it, and fixing it into the pods. So we are offering you great quality coffee at an affordable price, Our delicious coffee blend is now in capsules, very compatible with your machine- Smooth Operator and Kickstart.


One exciting thing about the Nespresso machine is that it brews espresso quickly and easily. But you have to put in a bit more effort to get the best taste out of the coffee pods. We have given you some of the easiest ways to make a better cup of coffee with Nespresso compatible pods.

Make Sure The Pod Is Loaded Correctly
It is very important to ensure that the compatible pods are properly fixed in the machine. Watch carefully as you close the machine, to make sure that the capsule is properly pierced but do well not to force it. If there is so much resistance as you are doing this, then there is something wrong, check if the capsule is loaded properly. 

Always Use Filtered Water

If you want to get the optimum taste from the compatible pods, we recommend using filtered water to make the coffee. The filtration will reduce the dust, sediments, and any odor that may be in the water, it will also soften the water. Do not use tap water especially if you live in a place where there is hard water. 

Preheat The Machine And Your Cup

Warming your machine will help brew the coffee more efficiently. The pods are pierced easier, so the coffee will brew a smoother way and the taste will be perfect. So, start by turning on the machine and run some water into a mug. This will give you an improved extraction and a pre-heated cup which will improve your overall coffee experience.

TIP: Make sure that your machine is descaled regularly. It will help your machine to function correctly. In other words, removing limescale from your machine will make it last for a longer time and make your coffee taste better.

Most people have a lot of questions about pods and the environment, we'd discuss it. 


There are so many things that have been written about Nespresso compatible pods and what it does in the environment. There is no argument that throwing lots of plastic or aluminum capsules is not good for the environment. That is why it is always better to use recyclable aluminum pods.

Simply open the coffee pod from the bottom then put the used coffee grounds into your food recycling bin then put the aluminum pods into the household recycler. It's that easy. 

It is important to note that using capsules sometimes for a small household or just one shot of espresso is environmentally friendly when compared to the alternative of espresso machines or filter coffee. This is because you may not know the exact amount of coffee grounds that is traditionally used to brew only one cup of coffee. Since the coffee grounds in the pods are measured, less coffee will be thrown away, so less energy will be wasted.

Coffee Hero compatible pods are made with aluminum, so they can easily be recycled. We are focused on using recycled capsules as they'll provide you with the highest quality taste. To check for machine compatibility, check this guide.


To get the best taste from your compatible Nespresso pods, make sure that the quantity of water in the cup is not small or too much else the taste will come out sour, weak, or very strong. The classic Nespresso machine will produce a cup of lungo at  110ml and a shot of espresso at 40ml.

After checking our compatibility guide, you’d know the correct cup to use. We recommend a lungo size that is about 90 to 100ml and espresso that is 40ml. But if you want to make stronger coffee, you have to adjust the size of your lungo to 75 or 80ml and the espresso to about 40ml.


That is all you need to know about Nespresso compatible pods. Just follow all the guidelines we gave, and you’d be brewing better coffee the next time.

Buy compatible Nespresso capsules from us. As we previously mentioned, our capsules are made in small batches, unlike other coffee pods that are made in bulk and stay for many months on supermarket shelves. So you’d be getting the freshest specialty coffee pods.

You can try our coffee blends that are used in the majority of cafés. They have a sweet chocolate taste that is amazing whether taken black or with milk. If you love decaf coffee, we also have capsules for that. We have 100% Arabica Colombian decaf coffee capsules with vibrant citrus flavors and sweet honey aftertaste.  Click here to BUY.

Nespresso compatible pods

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