Coffee trends 2021

There is nothing as exciting as having a cup of coffee in the morning. Whether you love to grind your own fresh coffee beans with a pour-over brewer or you love to use coffee pods with a Nespresso machine, the point is that there are endless ways to prepare coffee. 

2021 is almost coming to an end and there are still different trendy coffee drinks coming up, we are looking forward to new trends before the year runs out. If you haven't tried any of these coffee trends, you should. 


Surprisingly Keto coffee is not out of trend at the moment, and it is even more popular now especially for people who rarely take breakfast. All you have to do is to add a tablespoon of butter to your freshly brewed coffee, and it will enhance the profile.

This wonderful mixture is said to provide the drinks with long-lasting energy throughout the day without adding so much sugar to their blood. 

Let's break this down: The butter contains fat, and it will slow down your metabolism. This means that your body will absorb the caffeine from the coffee slowly, so you’d be getting a long-lasting energy kick. Keto coffee is very popular for most celebrities and even athletes because of all the energy boost it gives. We guess that's why the coffee trend is still on and a lot of people are following it.


In 2020 Dalgona coffee trended and a lot of people tried to attempt making what they saw in coffee shops in their kitchen. People in the specialty world even used fresh coffee beans instead of regular instant coffee to make the drink. 

Specialty coffee drinks have continued to be a growing trend even as the year is ending.  The specialty coffee industry has been expanding its offerings as a variety of specialty drinks are being made. Some of them include cappuccinos, lattes, and mocha. Some flavored coffee beverages have caught the attention of coffee enthusiasts. 

When you want to buy coffee beans, there are so many options to choose from, single-origin beans, coffee blends, and decaf coffee. Now If you visit a coffee shop, you can request a variety of drinks, iced brews, coffee milkshakes, and other excellent choices. Do you know one interesting thing? You can make all these coffee drinks at home. Yes, we said it ALL. Keep following our page to learn more.


These are coffees that are canned or bottled. You can order them online or find them in supermarkets. Starbucks prompted this trend a few years ago and over time it has grown. Both online coffee sellers and coffee shops are now selling ready-to-drink coffee. 

Currently, they make different kinds of coffees, you can find RTD iced coffees, nitro brews, and cold brews in most grocery stores. Buying these convenient products means you don't always have to use your coffee machine when you are in a hurry or exhausted. 


People who like healthy alternatives are trending in the coffee industry as well. These people have been able to combine the health industry with the coffee industry. There are a lot of healthy coffee options you can pick from and if you are a café owner, be rest assured that it will catch the attention of your customers. 

There are different healthy coffee additives, they include vegan milk like almond milk, coconut milk, and collagen creamers for your coffee. This plant-based milk will likely keep trending till the next decade because people are choosing healthier lifestyles. Many people say that this plant-based milk is flavorful and lends so well with the coffee.

One interesting thing we noticed is that you can whip this plant-based milk for drinks like cappuccino and latte. Note that the foam and bubbles may not last long, so the drink should be enjoyed immediately after brewing. 

There are other healthy coffee alternatives like turmeric and matcha latte or even the popular mushroom coffee. These coffee drinks contain nutrients that will help to improve your immune system, improve metabolism and improve your gut health.


Iced coffee recipes and cold brew have become popular over the years, and it is a natural solution for the warming planet. But some coffee drinkers have come up with a trending option and that is the flash brew, it is freshly brewed coffee that is chilled for some time.

Some people say that it is as flavorful as cold brew coffee because hot water extracts all the flavors, and you won't need to dilute it with ice cubes. It has become a faster option for some coffee chops because they don't need more coffee for it and a lot faster than cold brew coffee.


Millennial coffee drinkers now have much knowledge about the coffee industry- they know the coffee they drink, how it is grown and whether it affects the planet. They care about the planet and people. So that is why they are interested in reading about fair trade coffee, direct trade coffee, and more.

The customers are interested in the backstory more than what they see on the coffee package. Because of this, most coffee companies have started developing relationships between the farmers which have environmental and economic benefits which encourage the farmers to grow better coffee.


Instant coffee is also popular, and it was trending throughout 2020. It involves whipping instant coffee with water and sugar and a thick foam will be created. 

Dagolna coffee is still trending in 2021 and more recipes have been emerging, and different variations are being made. You can order or make these Dalgona coffee variations like Peppermint or pumpkin spice coffee, Dalgona dirty chai, and even Dalgona affogato, or anything you might want to whip up with coffee. 


Third-wave coffee has been trending for years and its popularity has not waned till now. People now go out of their way to find high-quality coffee from reputable roasters. They are always searching for the best coffee they can get. They are focused on looking for single-origin coffees that are ethically sourced and also have a distinctive taste. 


As customers are crafting more coffee drinks in their homes due to COVID-19, coffee subscription has become a very popular thing. 

As a result of this, customers are now searching for a variety of coffees, they want to expand their palate. They also want to know that they are different choices available to them so that they can select their favorites. Convenience is one of the biggest benefits of a coffee subscription, your coffee beans will be delivered to you at your doorstep, and you can set up payments for them every month. 

Coffee subscriptions are among the perfect gifs that can be given to family and friends who love coffee, you should try it. 


Coffee tourism was becoming a thing before the pandemic started. Once the pandemic is over, most coffee drinkers will want to seek authentic coffee experiences. They’ll want to travel to other countries to see how the coffee is grown and harvested.

They might want to enjoy the coffee prepared by baristas in those countries. People want to seek educational coffee experiences instead of centering their knowledge on what they see in coffee shops or reading online about coffee. 


While some of these trends are here to stay, some of them will eventually go so be sure to try Dalgona coffee, Cinnamon coffee, and Mushroom coffee before the year is over, you don't want to miss out. Read more recipes, experiment with different coffees. Who knows, you might create a special coffee drink that’ll trend. 


What International Coffee Drinks Are Trending?

This year, the most popular international coffee drinks are Vietnamese coffee and Turkish coffee. They are made with different recipes but both of them have bold, strong flavors, and they are served with sugars or sweetened condensed milk.

Which Generation Drinks Coffee The Most?

The millennial generation is said to drink coffee more. They make for almost half of the coffee market around the world.

Is Coffee Becoming More Popular?

The answer is Yes, coffee is becoming very popular as the year goes by. Note that some coffee segments are growing more than others. Some of the segments that have grown so much are the specialty coffee industry and ready to drink industry.

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