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If you like using Nespresso machine to brew, you should buy these Compatible Nespresso pods. After doing that, you should use a few minutes to read this article to the end. It will help you to get the best out of every cup of coffee you make with Nespresso pods. 

First off, cleaning the machine properly will solve most of the problems you face when using Nespresso pods. But we have given a few more recommendations that can help you make better coffee. So make a cup of coffee, sit on your cushion and get to understand our top tips for getting the best out of your machine and our Compatible Nespresso pods. 


Your Nespresso machine comes with a pre-programmed setting that will deliver water in the machine depending on if you want to make espresso that is 40ml, Ristretto 25ml, and lungo that is about 110ml.  You have to reprogram your settings for it to fit your current brewing ratio.

As you know, your brewing ratio plays a role in how the coffee will taste and everyone’s preference is certainly not the same. So instead of going with the pre-programmed settings, you should re-calibrate the Nespresso machine, so it can pour the right amount of water that is accurate for your brew.

You might be wondering how you can do all that. It's not difficult, follow these steps:

  • Put your cup under the spout of your coffee machine.
  • Place your favorite coffee pod.
  • Press the brew button and hold (for either lungo, ristretto, or espresso).
  • Now you have to let go of the brew button when the right quantity of liquid has poured into the cup.  Each time you press and hold the brew button, it will produce the perfect amount of liquid you want.

You just have to experiment with the above for a while with different brew options until you have seen the perfect volume for your favorite coffee pod.

Another trick to know the type of coffee your machine is pouring is by looking at it. As you watch the liquid pour, check the color change in the liquid. The espresso will go through different shades as the water passes through the capsules- it is first brown, caramel, and then blonde.

As we mentioned, you have to keep watching the color changes, so you can know when to stop brewing. Let's break it down.

  • You’d first see a red/brown shade of coffee: This is the ristretto. The coffee is sweet and has a full body, but the quantity is not as much as the others.
  • The next color change you’d see is caramel: This one is balanced and it is the main espresso.
  • The last color change is when the espresso has turned blonde. At this point, you have to stop the water flow. If you don't stop it, you’d see a light yellow color and that is a sign that over-extracted bitterness is about coming out.

The good thing about resetting the machine is that once you’ve gone through all the processes, the machine will remember what you’ve set the next time you want to brew. You don't have to reprogram it.


This is one of the most effective techniques on how to create the best Nespresso coffee using our coffee pods or anyone at all. Since you regularly use a Nespresso machine, over time the machine will have a build of coffee particles and coffee oils in the brewing chamber.

This means that the old residues will remain in the machine and block your nozzles resulting in bitter coffee and poor flow of coffee. Every time you use a coffee pod, there’d be a layer of oil in the Nespresso machine that only running water through the machine will not solve the problem.

The residues may be so much that coffee pods will not be easily fit in the brewing chamber as they normally do. This means that the normal pressurized water that passes through the pod will leak to the kitchen counter.  Bacteria may even start to build up and yeast as well. All these growths can be inside the nozzle for a long time or in other areas where the coffee is brewed and all these can pass down to your mug. Yuck. Don’t try to imagine, just clean your machine.

The most effective way to clean your Nespresso is to remove the used coffee pods and run water through the machine again. Then from time to time, you can buy cleaning capsules for the machine. This will help you clean the brewing chamber properly as it will remove all the built-up residues that don't easily go out. Do well to put the plastic from the cleaning capsule into your recycle bin. 

Not only will regular cleaning give your machine longevity, but it will also help you brew the perfect coffee with any coffee pod. 


This is a simple step that is mostly overlooked but it is so effective. It also helps you to preheat the cup. Before you put it in the coffee pod, brew little water through the machine. It is better to run it through the lungo while the lid is down.

Warming up the machine will help to remove any old coffee residue and reach the the contact points of the pod. In other words, the hot water will warm the machine component, so the pod piercing will be easier and the right amount of coffee will flow. So you’d have a smoother pour, and the Nespresso coffee will taste as it ought to be.


It is essential to descale your machine, especially when you want really great coffee. It involves you taking a look at the pipes and pumps in your Nespresso machine instead of just working on cleaning the nozzles and brewing chambers.

Scaling is mostly caused by water hardness. This is a term used when magnesium or calcium dissolves in water. Note that the hardness of the water doesn't cause any health hazards, but it will cause scales in the machine. It can lead to calcium and lime residues in the Nespresso machine. 

If you were using soft water, it would become acidic when it is exposed to air, and it could harden the taste of your coffee.

In past years, there has been an agreement that the normal pH water with 90/l hardness is good for Nespresso pods. If you are living in an area where there is hard water, you need your Nespresso machine to have a little bit of TLC and clean it properly every month.

Like any equipment, the Nespresso machine has to be maintained so that it can last longer, and it can effectively perform. Many Nespresso machines have a descaling option so check the product manual and know how to start.

This is just a guide:

  • Buy any descaling liquid.
  • Put on your Nespresso machine. Make sure your machine and drip tray is empty.
  • Mix the descaling liquid with water, then pour it into the machine.  It is time to start the descaling mode. Check your machine and put it on. You can now empty the water tank and clean it thoroughly. 
  • Refill the tank with fresh water and run it in the machine.
  • Lastly, disable the descaling mode on your Nespresso machine and that's all.


Okay, you’ve got yourself the best coffee pods, it only makes sense that the other ingredients you are to use should be of high quality to get the best-tasting coffee. Avoid using tap water, they may contain dust and other sediments that can affect the taste of your brew.

If you can't always buy bottled water, the best alternative is to buy a jug and filter your water before putting it into the tank. You can buy jug filters that help to remove odors sediments, and even chlorine from your water, thereby reducing the hardness. If you only have access to hard water, this type of jug will help to reduce the build-up of limescale in your Nespresso machine, giving you the best coffee always. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you to make the best-tasting Nespresso coffee. Asides the things we just mentioned, you have to get Compatible Nespresso pods that contains fresh coffee else the brew will be ruined. You need to buy from roasters that make the coffee in batches at least you’d be sure of getting the freshest coffee possible. Click here to order some!

Compatible Nespresso pods

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