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We all love a good kick of caffeine in the morning. Brewing quality coffee in the office will undoubtedly improve the quality of your workday. That's why you need to consider some important factors before purchasing coffee beans in the office. 

Some companies may not see the need to buy a good coffee machine or buy fresh coffee beans but imagine every team member in the office had to pop out for coffee twice or thrice in a day. Imagine how much time is lost on the trip, not to mention the waiting time at the coffee shop. 

So you see what we mean? In this post, we will discuss the factors you need to consider when choosing the best coffee beans for your office, we’ll also tell you how to start a workday with great coffee. 


You should consider your workers and what their taste preferences might be. Acidity, caffeine, and body are the main factors you have to consider when choosing coffee beans as well as the type of roast, light, medium, or dark roast?

Ethiopian coffee for instance has a full body and high acidity Colombian coffee are mixed together in blends to get a balanced brew. You should note that your colleagues might like a strong, full-bodied coffee to start their day, but they are unlikely to drink strong coffee all day. 

Here's how to solve this problem and make sure everyone enjoys the taste of the coffee- Try different options. Yes, that's right. Once the machine is installed in the office, you can ask for a coffee roaster to supply several different coffees. Then ask your colleagues to vote their favorite, get them involved in the decision-making. At Coffee hero , we deliver coffee beans to offices. 

Freshly roasted coffee beans in AustraliaFreshly roasted coffee beans in AustraliaFreshly roasted coffee beans in Australia

If a company is showing appreciation to the staff by buying a coffee machine and coffee best, then freshly roasted coffee is non-negotiable. If the coffee bean is stale, it will lose its subtle flavors and aromas.  

To make sure you are ordering the best, check if your supplier roasts every day. Find out if the coffee has a roast date and an expiry date, so you’ll know how fresh beans are. Ensure that you don't order too many beans at the same time. 

At Coffee hero, we encourage our customers to order beans frequently, 1-2 weeks to keep the coffee beans as fresh as possible.  Be careful how you store the beans. They remain fresh for weeks if stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. Read our guide on the best way to store coffee beans. Or you can equally check the freshness of your beans by making an espresso. 

Hopefully, it should have a good crema after brewing- a slightly rich dark-colored foam. The crema seals in the aromas in espresso, once you break the crema, you should be able to smell the coffee’s aroma.  


When we say quality, we are referring to the quality of the green coffee beans. Is it Arabica or Robusta coffee beans you are buying? The quality of green coffee beans is affected by the region where it grows, the harvesting method, the drying and washing process, and the altitude where the coffee beans are grown. 

The quality of the coffee beans used directly affects the price of the end product. Arabica beans have a variety of flavor notes that range from nutty to chocolatey, from fruity to floral, it has a full body and sweet taste. 

While the Robusta coffee is described by many as strong, with robust flavors and a bitter taste. The Robusta beans are cheaper than Arabica because it is easy to grow and yields more in a year. It's all on you and your colleagues to pick which is better for you. 


Certified organic coffee is any coffee that is grown without adulteration. It means chemicals or pesticides were not used to grow the coffee. You’ll see it marked ‘certified’. Check out for coffee beans that are certified before making a purchase. 


You should have a monthly budget for staff drinks. Doing the math is worth it so you don't spend more than you're supposed to. The main point here is to work out the amount of coffee per person. Remember to factor in whether the colleagues are always in the office or not. Also, consider drinks for visitors in the office.  

Choosing the best coffee beans for your office means you have to choose beans that taste good and fit into your budget for the month. Keep in mind that 1 kg of coffee will produce approximately 90 to 100 cups. Your roaster will advise you on the number of cups per bag of coffee beans and the price per bag.  


As we mentioned, many workplaces have kitchens and rooms that are not really equipped to make the best type of coffee. So, if you want to greatly improve the quality of coffee you brew at work, you need to follow these tips 

Use fresh coffee always: As we said earlier, this is a simple and easy way to improve your office coffee. Instant coffee might be convenient but at what cost? 

Timestamp the coffee: Think about it, how long has that sludge been sitting in the office kitchen? No one knows that. Make a note of when the last pot of coffee was brewed. It will let everyone else in the office know that that pot of coffee has passed its prime. 

So, timestamp the pot and never drink stale coffee at work again. In fact, the whole office will thank you. 

Use a thermal Carafe: You can take a step further and avoid using the hot plate altogether if you can. We know it's not reasonable to brew another pot when it's time to just pour out the coffee, but when you invest in a thermal carafe (like the ones used in coffee houses), you’ll be sure that the whole pot will remain fresh. 

If your co-workers are not really interested in it, you can buy your thermos to keep your coffee hot for some hours. 

Use a French press instead: This is one of the simplest and most reliable ways to get a great-tasting cup of coffee in the office. A French press is suitable for kitchens with limited space. All that's needed is fresh coffee beans, hot water, and the French press. 

Change that ancient coffee maker: The truth is that some coffee makers in the office are not just equipped to brew great cups of coffee. 

Have a chat with your co-workers and figure out what kind of machine is suitable for your office. If you’re lucky to have a boss that listens, there is no problem here. If you are not so lucky, you and your colleagues can pitch in and buy a good coffee machine together. 

Always use quality ingredients: Since using quality coffee will improve your drink, it makes sense that you take a step further and use other quality ingredients to make great-tasting coffee. Brew the coffee with filtered water or bottled water from the fridge. Then add some sugar or creams to help improve the overall quality.  

Make cold brew for a change: If none of the options above is good for you. The best option is to make cold brew. This coffee-making method is simple. It is just a matter of steeping coarse ground in water overnight and filtering it before consumption. 

Don't worry, the final product is less acidic and you wouldn't have to worry about keeping the coffee fresh all day. The only problem you might have is remembering to take the coffee with you every morning. 

Clean the office coffee maker frequently: Most coffee machines in the office hardly get cleaned as often as they should. If the machine is not cleaned, the final cup will be tainted because every batch of coffee brewed leaves coffee grounds, oils, and mineral deposits behind. 

Give the coffee maker a clean once every month, if the office uses a grinder, it's a good time to clean it as well. If there are many coffee drinkers in the office, you can assign them the task so you won't be stuck cleaning the machine yourself. 

For many people, drinking coffee in the office is a key factor in productivity. If a good cup of coffee helps you to accomplish more work in the office, then you should choose the best coffee beans and upgrade your coffee brew. It's worth the investment.  

At Coffee hero, we sell single-origin beans and coffee blends that are suitable for office brewing, we also deliver to offices. These beans are freshly roasted, we roast daily. Place an order today!

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