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Coffee is consumed daily by most people so the coffee industry has become one of the most competitive industries around the world. That means, if you want to open up a coffee shop or already own one, you need to serve your customers ‘delicious coffee’

Achieving this is very simple, simply get top-quality roasted coffee beans. The kind of coffee beans you buy can make or break your business because coffee beans are the essential raw material you need. 

Coffee drinkers are more educated about the coffee you drink, so you need that education too. It's appropriate to know exactly what products you are serving your customers. Just imagine a wine shop that has no idea what kind of wine they serve their customers. Nah, you don't want that. Most coffee drinkers want to experiment with different roast types and coffee blends.- They want excellent coffee at all times. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to choose the best coffee beans for your café- you need to consider the coffee seeds, the roasting process, and the grade of the coffee beans before discussing prices. 


Coffee beans are harvested from a plant called ‘Coffea’ but not all beans are the same. There are different types of coffee beans but all of them are grouped into two categories- Arabica and Robusta beans. 


Arabica beans originated from Ethiopia and were the first coffee beans to be grown for specific purposes. It is the most popular kind of coffee around the globe, making up to 60% of coffee production in the world. You’ll see high-quality Arabica beans grown in Latin America and African countries like Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Rwanda, etc. There different types of Arabica beans that range from Kent, Caturra, Villabolos, and lots more.

Different regions produce slightly different flavors. For example. Arabica beans grown in Kenya are a little more tart while Ethiopian coffee beans produce a smoother flavor. 

Did you know that coffee beans come from the seed of a plant and stay inside a ‘cherry’? It takes around 9 months for the fruit to appear after the coffee plants flower. There are two seeds inside each cherry. Arabica is flat and long. It is usually harvested when it ripens, this is after rainfall. 

If you have been using other coffee beans or you are just starting, you should consider buying Arabica beans because- It contains more sugar than other coffee beans, and most coffee drinkers like sweet blends. It also has chocolate hues and a whisper of bitterness. You should also consider it because it is the most accessible mass-produced bean. Click here to get the best Arabica coffee beans. 

Roasted coffee beans AustraliaRoasted coffee beans in Sydney


The Robusta beans grow mostly in Africa and Indonesia. The coffee plant that grows the cherry grows to a 10-meter shrub and doesn't flower as often as the Arabica plant. It accounts for 40% of the world's coffee production. The fruit from the coffee plant looks like a cherry but the beans are oval-shaped. You can find Robusta beans being used in instant coffee as they have a more acidic nature. 

They are cheaper than Arabica coffee beans. Some coffee drinkers say it is rich in flavor, dense, and has an after bitter taste. Your pick all comes down to the needs of your audience, if your customers like a rich dense cup that has an after bitter taste, you can go for Robusta beans. 

But if your customers want aromatic coffee, then you can go for Arabica beans. Arabica beans can also be used to brew strong coffee. 



You can sell drinks from single-origin beans or coffee blends. Coffee experimentation is part of the specialty coffee world. You should offer your customers a chance to taste a variety of coffees from around the world and this will entice them to come back for more. 

So, choose a roaster that not only carries single-origin beans you prefer but also a good variety of coffee blends that can elevate your coffee menu. Try our coffee blends- SinCity, Kickstart, and Smooth Operator.

Coffee blends in SydneyCoffee blends in Australia



This shouldn't come as a surprise to you. Coffee beans have grades. The Australian Specialty Coffee Association is responsible for grading coffee in Australia. The coffee screening method is highly technical. The coffee roasters are responsible for certifying their coffee. So it's best to buy Specialty Coffee for your café, you are sure that you are getting the best. Try our specialty coffee beans here. 



Ask the roasters about the roast processing and the roast type. The roasting process is a crucial factor if you want to make high-quality coffee. The roasting process also involves other tasks asides from roasting, the other tasks include- sorting, roast dates, and packaging. 

Our coffee beans are packaged a few hours after they are roasted to preserve their freshness. You also need to consider the roast levels as it will help you determine the kind of products you’ll be selling at your coffee shop. 

We have the light roast- which has an acid touch with high levels of caffeine, the medium roast, and the dark roast that produce a bold cup of coffee with a bitter aftertaste. The darker the roast, the bolder the flavor, and the shorter the roast time, the higher the acidity. 

Let's break it down Light roast is good for a mild cup of coffee. It's not roasted for long, so the beans are much lighter. It even contains more caffeine than the dark roast. Dark roast coffee beans look shiny on the inside and are oily. It produces a robust cup of coffee with a huge flavor and is perfect for espresso. 


  • The Specialty Coffee Association amongst other organizations recognizes exceptional coffee roasters. So, if your coffee roaster has one or two distinctions (like us). You can rest assured that you won't end up with low-quality coffee beans. Our coffee beans was selected as a winner at the ‘World Coffee Bean Award’. Selling coffees from well-known good roasters can also boost your business. 
  • Consider getting training from coffee roasters . It can save you time and money. The training helps you to prepare your employees to produce high-quality beverages from the coffees you order. 
  • Find a coffee roaster that produces a consistent good roast. Buy coffee beans that indicate the roast dates on the package and expiry dates. Choose a roaster that offers excellent customer service and is willing to fulfill all your needs and requests. If you're new to the coffee business, your roaster can explain more about the roast levels. 


So far, you should have understood the technical side of things, let's take a look at what makes a quality cup of coffee. It is a good idea to have knowledge of different flavor notes and how they affect the coffee you prepare. Aroma: The aroma of your cup of coffee can create a mouth-watering taste. Think about what your customers might want- fruity, flowery, or smoky flavors. Each coffee has its aroma profile so look at it. 

Acidity: The acidity of coffee best describes the sharpness of the cup of coffee. The acidity helps bring brightness to a cup. Your drinks must have a good balance of acidity. 

Body: The body of the coffee is described as the way the coffee feels in your mouth. Some coffees are so rich that it can almost feel like you are drinking a glass of milk. Think of which beans make the perfect balance. 

Finish: The question is, how does the coffee taste after it's taken. Every coffee is different, some beans have a fruity aftertaste while some others have a chocolate feel. Consider the flavor profile so you can decide what kind of dessert to pair with it. 


Coffee hero offers quality coffee beans that are sourced from Colombia. Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, and Tanzania and are then roasted in Australia. We’d be happy to supply your café with quality coffee beans and help your business grow. 


As you can see, choosing the best coffee beans for your shop is straightforward.  All you need is proper training and understanding of coffee-making principles. 

Remember, the coffee beans define the quality of your products- so it's non-negotiable. Different coffee beans have different quality variants you can play around with to create the best drinks.  Check our store to get the best coffee beans for your business!

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