A cup of americano

Have you ever wished that while taking the last sip of an americano that the whole experience could last longer? You don't have to keep wishing, there is a solution.

This article will answer all the questions you have about an americano- recipes and hacks. You can be your own barista and make this delicious at home. 


This is an espresso-based drink that was invented by soldiers who were in Europe during World War II. The soldiers poured their espresso into a cup and filled it with hot water. That's how it was invented. 

Adding water made the drink last longer, this sort of stretch the soldiers their ration. An americano is almost the same as any other espresso-based drink, the only difference here is that it doesn't get mixed with steamed milk, rather it is mixed with water. 

Since it is substituted with hot water instead of milk, you’ll get a bolder espresso drink. The water added to this drink dilutes the espresso, giving you the kind of volume drip coffee gives with the taste of espresso. It is perfect for those who like their caffeine to come from a more concentrated source.  

An americano is usually made with a double shot of espresso but it can also be made with a single or triple shot depending on your preference or the caffeine content you need. 

A classic americano is made when some shots of espresso are mixed with water. You can spice it up by adding milk, cream, sugar, or cinnamon. You can also add some ice to it during the summer months. 

From what you've read, you may think that it's so easy, it's just to pour hot water into espresso but it's more than that. The difference between regular and americano will be made clearer to you as you read on. 


  • Espresso machine 
  • Freshly roasted coffee beans 
  • Coffee scale- Always remember that accuracy is important
  • A Grinder- It's important to grind your beans just before brewing if you want to get a high-quality brew. 
  • Hot water- You will have to add hot or almost water to the espresso drink to make an americano 
  • A tamper- To make an espresso, you need to tamp the coffee grounds. 

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Freshly roasted coffee beans in AustraliaFreshly roasted coffee beans in Australia


Getting high-quality coffee beans is more of a personal thing. If you use old coffee beans to make other drinks, you need to get fresh coffee beans for an americano. An americano dilutes the espresso and amplifies any flaws that the coffee might have. So you see why you have to get the best coffee beans. Get coffee beans you know you like. 


By now you must have purchased good beans, Measure out the beans. Most people don't get the American they like with just a single shot of espresso. So you can measure for a double shot. That is 14-18grams. If you are a lover of Americano, a single shot may not be strong enough. 


The kind of grinder you use affects how your coffee will taste, using a blade grinder will leave you with big chunks and fine grinds which will lead to an inconsistent brew. Use a burr grinder instead if you want to make a great americano. 

Like we mentioned, this drink is made with one, two, or three shots of espresso. So you will have to use the same grind size you use for espresso- a fine grind. Getting the grind size correct is no small matter. If you can control your grind size, you’ll be able to improve the taste of your coffee, there will be consistency and you get to experiment more. If you make an americano with another grind size, it won't work. 


Tamping is an essential part of coffee making. Some machines can tamp the coffee automatically while some don't. If your machine doesn't, that's okay. You’ll have to do it the old school way. Read our guide on how to tamp espresso like a pro. 


We figured that since you want to make an espresso, you already know this step. However, you know what happens when we assume things. Okay, once you’ve tamped the grounds. Put the portafilter into the machine. 


Not all espresso machines are the same- so do what works with your machine and pull a shot of espresso or more. There is nothing sweeter than the aroma of a freshly pulled espresso. We call the feeling happy aromatherapy. 

If you want to make americano but you don't own an espresso machine, you can make an espresso-style coffee with a Moka pot or a French press.


When it comes to making an americano, there have been some arguments on how hot the water should be. It all comes down to what you prefer. If the water is too hot, it will take longer to cool down and can affect the taste of the drink. If the water is not so hot, it can reduce the quality of the espresso and affect the overall taste. The accurate temperature should be 70 to 76 degrees Celsius. You can use a kettle to get the accurate temperature or you can just add the water from a steam boiler tap.  


The ratio needed to brew espresso is one of the things you have to experiment and tweak with anything that suits your taste. Normally, you are supposed to mix 1 part espresso with 2 parts water.  It is better to pour your espresso into the water, not the other way. This will prevent the coffee from burning. The espresso blends better with water when it is done this way. 

Coffee experts say that pouring the water into the espresso can disrupt the taste or even affect the creama you worked diligently to get. Pour hot water into your mug slowly, then add the espresso. It's wrong to rush the process.  


An americano is usually served black. But if you like adding cream and sugar into your coffee, you can add it. Pour the espresso into the water, add your flavorings and enjoy. 


If you want to ice it up, the process will be a bit different. Instead of using hot water, you’ll have to add cold water. You can use 1.5 to 1 water to espresso. After that, pour the espresso into the cold water and add some ice. That's it. You just made an iced americano. 

We know that you may be wondering the difference between an iced americano and iced coffee. Well, there is a difference. While an iced americano is usually taken without milk, cream, or sugar, iced coffee can be made into almost anything you want. You can put the basic coffee you made in the morning into the refrigerator and add some ice to it later or make any concoction you consider delicious.  

You can enjoy your americano anyhow you like it. You just have to keep experimenting with the recipe and some flavorings to get what your taste buds prefer. Note that if you don't have good coffee beans, you cannot make a delicious americano. 

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Does americano contain more caffeine than regular coffee? 

An americano contains almost the same amount of caffeine as coffee made with a drip machine. Americano is an espresso-based drink so it depends on how many shots of espresso that is used for the drink. The more espresso that is used, the more caffeine they drink will have. This is because a regular shot of espresso has about 47 to 75ml of caffeine compared to the normal black coffee that has 95 and 200ml. 

What is a white americano? 

An americano is a black coffee- that is espresso mixed with hot water. But there are no serious rules, right? You’ll find out that some americano lovers like to add milk and sugar to the drink. Making a white americano will give room for you to add any flavor or cream you like.

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