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Are you looking for simple espresso makers to take camping or hiking and you don't want to use stale instant coffee but freshly roasted beans for brewing? Then you are reading the right post.

You won't just learn about the portable espresso makers but where to get the best beans for brewing. Ensure you always start every morning of your vacation or hiking with a cup of freshly brewed espresso instead of drinking under-extracted brown water with so much frustration.

Phew, no one wants that. Read on to find out more.


The handpresso is an ideal coffee maker. Are you going on a long journey or do you need a quick espresso maker, then this equipment is for you? All you need is hot water and coffee beans, your espresso will be ready in a few minutes. 

The device is eco-friendly, which means you won't be needing electric power. All you need to do is use your hand to pump the machine, your coffee will start pouring. If you’ve already purchased a handpresso pump, and you want to learn how to use it, you should read on.

For this guide, you’d need a Handpresso, coffee beans, a manual grinder, and boiled water. 

Before we start we should say this, we consider Chemex to be a wonderful brewer with clean lines, but the handpresso is very beautiful in terms of design. If you just purchased a handpresso, it is best to pre-wet it first- pour warm water into the brewer first.

Remember not to wash it with detergents just before brewing, else you’ll taint your brew. You could either use coffee pods or fresh coffee grounds. If you love to brew coffee with fresh beans all the time, then you should go for the fresh grounds, you just have to carry a manual grinder with you. If you are using the device at home because you want to brew espresso simply, then use a burr grinder for the coffee beans.

Since you’d be using your beans, you have to remove the ESE pod. It can be done easily by placing a coin in the slot and turning it clockwise for the adapter to come out. 


  1. Before you start pumping the hand press, you have to check if the infusion button is up. 
  2. The next step is to release the pump, twist the handle a bit to get this.
  3. Watch the pressure gauge, keep pumping until it gets to 16 bar (make sure you hold the handpresso with both hands while pumping. 
  4. As you have pressurized the device, turn it over, rotate the machine and remove the filter.
  5. Grind your coffee beans, then remove the coffee ground holder and fill it with the grinds (they have to be very fine).
  6. Use a spoon to tamp the grounds properly- about 7 grams is the normal weight needed (if you have a scale to brew the coffee beans).
  7. Fill the machine reservoir with boiled water. 
  8. Put the ground holder into the device and fix the filter holder properly. 
  9. It is time to flip the machine over and place it over a cup. Keep pushing the button to apply pressure in the reservoir and voilà, your cup of espresso is ready. 
  10. After making the espresso, gently remove the coffee adapter. You have to be careful while dismantling the device, hot water may still be in the reservoir.
  11. Remove the used coffee grounds by pressing the mesh filter. Then rinse the ground coffee adapter with plain water, ready to make the next cup.


You might have heard of other portable coffee, and you might be wondering if you can enjoy coffee with a minipresso while on a hike. The answer is YES. Keep reading to find out more about the mini press. 

This brewer is one of the portable espresso makers you can take for camping or while on a hike. It will give you high quality coffee as long as you brew with fresh coffee beans.

  1. All you have to do is to grind about 8 grams of coffee and add hot water into the tank, don't allow the water to pass the fill line.
  2. Then screw the tank back into the main chambers.
  3. Then keep pressing the piston to brew. The brewing concept is not difficult and won't require using so much elbow grease. You may not get the brewing process in one day since it has removable parts but after a while, you’d get a hang of it.

For this brewer, you won't be needing electricity or batteries. You just need access to hot water in camp. A minipresso will produce about a 50ml shot of espresso, you can tweak the brewing ratio, water temperature, or grind size.  For cleaning and maintenance, don't think it’ll be difficult. The minipresso is so easy to clean.

After brewing, you just have to remove the grounds from the filter basket and rinse the other parts (this brewer is really perfect for camping) As we said, the mini-press is a game-changer for those who love espresso a lot. The brewer works perfectly with finely ground coffee. 


What You’ll Need 

  • A minipresso
  • A kettle
  • Freshly roasted beans
  • Filtered water 


  1. Grind the coffee beans with a manual grinder- a fine grind is perfect, the same one used to make espresso.
  2. Boil filtered water.
  3. After this, unscrew your portafilter, the water tank, and your filter basket.
  4. Add 8 grams of fine grounds into the scoop.
  5. At this point, transfer your ground coffee from the scoop, directly to the filter basket. The only way to transfer the grounds to the filter basket is to place the filter basket on the scoop and make a quick flip.
  6. It is time to tamp the coffee grounds using the back of the scoop. Ensure that the coffee surface is very flat.
  7. Place the coffee filter into the main chamber of the coffee maker and screw the portafilter properly. 
  8. Add the water into the water tank, then screw the main chamber to the tank.
  9. The next step is to unlock the brewer’s piston (just twist it anticlockwise) and start pumping the piston to extract the espresso. It's not so difficult to pump, 20 or 30 pumps should do the work.
  10. Enjoy your espresso!


This device uses an inbuilt pump that generates the pressure needed to brew espresso. It fits very perfectly into the backpack. The nanopress comes in different colors, but you can pick a brighter color, so you don't risk it when it's dark. 

  1. Grind about 8 grams of whole coffee beans, then add them to the basket. This device comes with a scoop that is 8 grams, so you won't be needing the manual grinder.
  2. After this, tamp the grounds using the bottom of your scoop. 
  3. Use the portafilter to cover the filter basket, then put it on the main body of your device. Gently screw the nozzle to the main body of the nanopress.
  4. Pour boiled water into the tank. The nanopress can hold up to 50ml or 80ml of water. You can use the 50ml if you are using a darker roast or brewing ristretto shot. You can use 80ml for single-origin coffees
  5. Now screw the water tank to the main body of the brewer. 
  6. Next, unlock the piston, that is turn the knob till the espresso pump is seen.
  7. Then flip the device upside down over a mug. Just press once every second. When it is up to 8 pumps, the brew will start flowing.
  8. Keep pressing the pump until all the espresso comes out. Enjoy your drink.

To clean the device, disassemble the parts and rinse them with water. After using it for over 15 brews, use a brush on it for a deeper clean.

These coffee makers are perfect for espresso making. It is good for coffee lovers who wouldn't want hiking or traveling to get in the way of getting a great cup of coffee, no matter where they find themselves.

You might need to try a few times since you’d be disassembling and assembling it, but you’d get a hang of it. To get rich-tasting coffee, order a bag of coffee beans from Coffee hero, get the brewer, a manual grinder, and gather the other ingredients. You can store the beans in an airtight container and take them camping.

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