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Your day always gets better when you combine some of your favorite things- like adding cheese to your hot dog. But this time, you won't be mixing foods but mixing your favorite drinks. Adding a little alcohol to your favorite fresh-brewed coffee is a lovely way to give you an extra kick.  

Have you ever thought to yourself while taking your morning brew, if there is some other way you can enjoy coffee at night or in parties? What are you waiting for then? 

These are the best coffee cocktail recipes to keep you going any time. Coffee cocktails are flavorful, tasty, and incredibly easy to mix up.  


Before we get started, make sure you are using the right ingredients and don't choose any cheap stuff, go for quality coffee beans. The taste of your coffee definitely reflects on the cocktail. Upgrade your coffee to create the best cocktails. You know, just a few improvements can make a spectacular drink.  

Pick the right beans: Make sure you pick specialty roasted coffee beans from a reputable roaster (like us). Whole beans that are ground just before brewing a cup, will produce a more flavorful coffee. 

Flavor profiles do matter: Fruity coffees blend well with fruity cocktails and deeply flavored coffee. Pair the coffee mindfully. You can check the flavor profiles before you buy.  

Forget the drip method: Drip coffee machines are convenient but if you want to get a richer cup of coffee, use other brewing methods. Leave the drip machine for your morning brew and buy a French press, Aeropress, or Moka Pot for your cocktails. The difference in flavor is amazing. 

Alcohol won't make up for a bad cup of coffee: You should try not to assume that anything you add to your coffee will hide its less desirable content. You need a good cup of coffee, to begin with. 

A cup Of Black Russian Cocktail



This drink ought to be on every coffee lover’s list especially when it's cold outside. The flavors are amazing. This recipe is easy to follow, it begins with homemade pecan syrup, pecan butter, butter, and cream. Make a shot of espresso with freshly roasted coffee beans, and steamed milk, then mix it. Pour it into a glass and enjoy. If you are feeling frisky, you can add a shot of whiskey. 


This is one recipe you taste and you'll just love it. The traditional Irish coffee comes straight from Ireland in the 1940s. Since then, it has set the standard for what a great coffee cocktail should be like. This recipe is quite simple and specific. The base of rich, strong freshly brewed coffee, spiked with 1 shot of Irish whiskey or more with sweetened brown sugar. You can add whipped double cream for more authenticity. 


There might be times when you want to take Irish coffee but also want something less complicated. If that's the case, you can pour and drink an Irish winter cocktail. One interesting thing about this cocktail is that it is served hot, perfect for winter. 

To make this hot cocktail, pour a shot of Jameson and mix it with equal pours of Kahlua and Irish cream. Adding liqueur to the combination acts as a creamer while enhancing the drink with a sweeter coffee flavor.


Are you in the mood for a sweet, creamy-textured modern version of Irish coffee? Then this drink is perfect for you. The caramel Irish coffee is made in almost the same way as the original but this recipe pairs Irish cream whiskey and Irish whiskey. Add a little butterscotch and top it up with whipped cream or a caramel drizzle to get a delicious drink. 


Have you ever thought of spiking your coffee with Brazilian spirit? Well, you thought right, it's actually a fabulous idea. The café Brasileiro is a great recipe to use. It's not merely a shot of liquor in a cup of coffee, it can get sweeter when you add simple syrup. Also, you can add whipped heavy cream to it, and we bet that your after-dinner coffee experience will never be the same. 


The flaming Spanish coffee is one of the best-spiked coffee recipes you can try. It's an excuse to play with fire (cautiously of course). The drink has many variations you can play around with, so it's a fun experience. Make your coffee with a good coffee bean and a liqueur of your choice, ready to pour. Light an ovenproof rum on fire inside your glass and let it burn for some seconds. This will caramelize the sugar rim. 

Then add some spices and pour the rest of the drink. Making the flaming Spanish coffee is an adventure and a light show in one. 


French connection coffee cocktails are made with amaretto and cognac. Enjoy the tasty combination straight or mix it into a cup of strong black coffee.  You can adjust the ratio of the two liquors we mentioned above. 

Bear in mind that the more amaretto you pour, the sweeter it will be. You can add whipped cream and chocolate shaved almonds if you want. 


When we talk about Kentucky coffee, you may be thinking it's just about pouring bourbon, but it's more than that. The specific bourbon to use is the wild turkey 101, it's a whiskey that won't go unnoticed in your coffee. This recipe is another simple two-spirit pour, that is pairing bourbon with American honey liqueur, it acts as a sweetener that tames the bold whiskey perfectly. 


For this cocktail, you’ll be need a specific liqueur to mix up the easy Italian coffee. It's an experience you'll find interesting. The liquor is called ‘Strega’. It is a golden-colored herbal liqueur that has a unique flavor. When mixed with piping hot coffee, it feels up your senses with an aromatic bouquet- an inviting and comforting experience indeed.  


Let's say the Kentucky drink wasn't good enough for you. Then go ahead and have a taste of Mexican coffee. Pull out some ice cream and tequila, it's time to whip up some Mexican coffee. 

You’ll need vanilla ice cream, tequila, Kahlua, a cup of hot coffee. This recipe is simple, just melt vanilla ice cream in the microwave and add it up to a cup of strong, full-bodied coffee. Pour the Kahlua and the Tequila and it's ready. This is a fantastic cocktail that can be served hot too. 


This is a smooth and powerful combination of caffeine and alcohol. The Spanish carajillo recipe will surely leave you coming back for more. You’ll need a cup of coffee, Grand Marnier, Jamaican rum, brown sugar syrup, and heavy cream. Fine sugar and orange slices are optional ingredients to make this wonderful drink. 

Brew the coffee and mix it with the Jamaican rum, Grand Marnier, and brown sugar syrup. Wet the rim of the glass with the orange slice. Then add some sugar if you like. Use the backside of a spoon to carefully float some cream on the drink. 


Black Russian is one of the easiest cocktails you can make with a delicious coffee twist, it's quite popular too. Why won't it be? Who will want to resist coffee and vodka? To make the black Russian, you need vodka, half a cup of coffee or coffee liqueur, and some ice. Simply fill a glass and top it up with the coffee and the vodka. Stir it and drink up. It's as simple as that.  


White Russian can be made in different ways. The first way to make it is to make a  black Russian and just add cream to it, turning it from a dark color to white. Easy right? 

Another way to make this drink is to use a cold brew coffee instead. You need vodka, milk or cream, and cold brew concentrate. To get the white Russian correctly, fill a glass with some ice, add the vodka, cream, or milk, and the cold brew concentrate. 

Read our full guide on how to make cold brew concentrate here. Give it all a good stir, and your white Russian is ready. You have a caffeinated beverage that can keep you active. This beverage can easily be made hot. Just add the vodka and milk to a hot cup of black coffee and enjoy! .  


Who doesn't need a good martini now and then? This drink is quite similar to the black Russian, yet different if you try them both. You need Kahlua, vodka, a shot of espresso, and some ice. Add ice, Kahlua, vodka, and espresso into a cocktail shaker. Shake very well and pour into a martini glass. Sit back on your cushion and enjoy! 


What could be better than watching cream swirl into coffee, hmmm yummy? The Kahlua coffee soda is quick to prepare with just a few ingredients that act as a refresher. You need a shot of espresso, Kahlua, 2-4 dashes of aromatic bitters, soda water, some cream, and ice. Make a shot of espresso and pour it over ice. Then pour in the Kahlua and a few dashes of the aromatic bitters. Add a splash of soda and cream. 

So, you are not in the mood for alcohol, you have no problem. These are nonalcoholic cold brew coffee cocktails.


This is a delicious take on the classic cocktail, the coffee here replaces the alcohol so anyone can enjoy this drink. You need cold brew concentrate, simple syrup, orange bitters, ice.  Simply add the cold brew concentrate, simple syrup, orange bitters, and ice to a shaker. Shake it well and pour it into a glass. Top it with a cherry or orange slice.


Cold brew sour is cool and refreshing as well as bright and tart. The sour taste is pleasantly balanced by the sweetness of the coffee, use Arabica beans or coffee blends to get this taste. Gather the following ingredients- cold brew concentrate, simple syrup, juice from half a lemon, and 1 lemon wedge. Add all the ingredients to a glass full of ice and enjoy. 


This drink is similar to a gin and tonic, but the gin is replaced with a cold brew. You can easily make a cold brew tonic yourself. You need cold brew concentrate, tonic water and top it with ice. It's a great way to start your next road trip. 


This drink has a refreshing balance of boozy complexity and its simple. You need bourbon whiskey, sweet vermouth, cold brew coffee, orange slice, lemon twist, or cherry for garnish. Stir all the ingredients with ice in a mixing glass and strain into a chilled cocktail and garnish. Make cold brew concentrate and store it in the fridge, you can make a new cocktail and enjoy it every day. 

Now you are fully equipped to make coffee cocktails for any season or occasion. Even when you shouldn't be drinking coffee, you can still enjoy coffee cocktails without alcohol. Yes, we all like our basic coffee but there are different ways to experience coffee. Don't settle for just one style. 

Buy your next bag of coffee beans right here and make your next cocktail night an interesting one 


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